Autism Diagnosis: community-based Autistic Spectrum Disorder servicesOur community based Autism services are available for children, adolescents and adults (with or without a formal diagnosis) throughout England, Wales and the UK. We are able to provide assessment and formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

At United Consultancy Solutions, we understand that diagnosis is only the first step and offer a full range of post-diagnostic services for individuals with/without a formal Autistic Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, their families, friends and carers.

Our specialist Autism services include:

  • Formal diagnosis of Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • including Asperger Syndrome / Atypical Autism / High-functioning Autism
  • Behaviour and Risk Assessments
  • Care Planning
  • Behaviour Management Plans
  • Risk Management Guidelines
  • Autism Service Development (Supported-living)
  • Speech & Language Assessments, Reports and Management Plans
  • Occupational Assessments, Reports and Management Plans
  • Psychiatric Assessments, Reports and Treatment Plans
  • Identification/exclusion of co-existing medical conditions or Developmental Disorders

Post-diagnostic Autism services include:

  • Post-diagnostic Counselling and Support
  • Training and Workshops, for example:
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorder: You are not alone
    • The Sensory World of Autism
    • Sex Education & Relationships
  • Group/Individual Support Sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Support is tailored to suit each individual and their personal needs. Our consultants are able to meet with you at a variety of locations throughout England, Wales and the UK, including at your home address (where appropriate).

Counselling, therapy and individual psychiatric sessions are available at our Harley Street clinic rooms; contact us to make an appointment or request a quotation.

Arranging an Autism diagnosis / assessment:

We aim to make our service as flexible and easy to access as possible. Contact us and our team will identify a specialist to meet your specific needs and answer any questions you may have (please include your postcode with quotation requests). We provide a no-obligation quotation along with a full profile of the consultant (including their professional qualifications, registration and experience) for your approval. United Consultancy Solutions never make sales calls to private individuals. If you decide to proceed, we arrange a convenient date and time for the assessment, usually within 4 weeks.  After meeting with our specialist, you will receive a detailed report including recommendations for future support within 14 days. We are able to provide assessment / diagnosis on a privately funded basis or under referral from your GP.

Winners of  ‘Best Mental Health & Autism Support Consultancy (SE Wales)‘ in the 2017 Social Care Awards and ‘Excellence Award for Learning Disability Services (S Wales)’ in the Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2017.